Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year End Review

With the sun setting on 2010, my family has much to be thankful for, as I'm sure yours does as well. A few things my family went to, was a part of, or witnessed this year were:

  • three of our children getting baptized
  • meeting and getting to know many new friends, including the Brookshire's, Hoover's, Shock's, Bandy's and Bult's
  • attended the Reformaiton Day Faire at Providence Church, and was able to spend time talking with Kevin Swanson, and my good friend, James McDonald
  • wife and daughters attended several 'ladies teas' and received much encouragement
  • my family was able to see Voddie Baucham speak at the ICHE convention, and my wife and daughters were able to personally meet Jasmine Baucham at a ladies tea as well
  • camped out for the first time over Memorial Day weekend

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tools to Help in Your Leadership Role

I'll be the first to admit - leading a family spiritually isn't easy - and doing it alone is even harder. As a first generation Christian I know the challenges first hand that arise when you set out to break destructive cycles in your life. It can feel overwhelming at times- and truth be told, it is overwhelming at times- and only does having a proper perspective help me make it to the next day.

This is why I'm so glad that in today's day and age, we have the opportunity to invest in ourselves, and in the lives of those around us, with just the click of the mouse, the flip of the page, or the scroll of an ipod. There's no reason to be unequipped to lead your home; there's no reason to lack the resources necessary to lead your family courageously.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What About Socialization?

My family runs a blog aimed at encouraging homeschoolers called The Homeschool Corner, and thought you might enjoy this funny video my wife posted there this morning about the silly questions we homeschoolers have to answer about "socialization."

Hope you enjoy; click here to view!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Invest In Your Family This Christmas

Every year when we buy gifts we try to make sure we include gifts that will sharpen the character of our children, teach them something new or grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord. We love Vision Forum because their products are family centered and help me to accomplish many of my goals in strengthening my marriage, family, and homeschool.

Dad's are always busy working hard for our families so we don't have much time to shop--so I thought I would make it easy for you this year and sharing some valuable resources and gifts that I think will bless you and your family:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big Props to My Beautiful Wife!

My wife, June Fuentes, of A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, will be a keynote speaker at the Relevant Conference, happening in October 2011, and I just wanted to give her a big Congratulations. She's a woman who strives to serve the LORD in all that she does, and the LORD has been very gracious and merciful in allowing her blog to touch so many lives around the world.

If you're a blogger, and would like Godly encouragement in the social medium that the LORD has laid on your heart to be involved in, you should consider going this conference. She has also successfully launched a consulting business this past year and is teaching people how to monetize and advertise on their blogs--if you are interested you can learn more here, and again, congratulations, Sweety!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Godly Men and Music

 The Male Domain would like to introduce to it's reader's to two godly men--Steve and Danny Thompson!

 Steve and Danny Thomspon are two brothers who grew up in a missionary family in Honduras and Chile and wanted to share with their generation the rich hymns of our heritage. The result is a wonderful debut CD entitled How Firm a Foundation  which includes a soothing blend of vocals, classical guitar, cello, violin and piano combined to give you an uplifting moment of quiet contemplation of biblical truth. "Our ultimate desire is that our music would serve to bring biblical truth to bear on the listener's mind in order to encourage godliness."

Visit my wife's blog to view a video of them and enter a giveaway to win one of the three free CD's they are giving away!

Monday, December 6, 2010

"The Sword and the Trowel" by Mark Driscoll

This is a great message I heard some time ago from Driscoll, and thought it would be great commercial in our Raising Sons series. It will help you get a big picture for biblical manhood as you seek to raise up Warriors for Jesus Christ.

If you can make the time to listen to it, or perhaps download the mp3 and listen to it on the go, it would be well worth your time!

To watch the video, or listen to the audio, click here!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Raising Sons: The Need for Discipline

"Boys are confronted with a culture which is hostile to the very idea 
of masculinity and which is industriously doing whatever it can to exterminate it.
Boys who, for whatever reason, resist the allurements of masculine laziness
immediately find themselves at war with the culture at large." 
-Douglas Wilson, Future Men

Let's face it, young men today, as a whole, are undisciplined. When a young man has gone off the path that God calls him to, we must immediately look to the father of that boy for answers to his waywardness. There are two primary areas of life that young men need to be disciplined in, and failing in either area will lead to certain abandonment of biblical manhood.  

The first area is that of inner discipline. Our boys must learn to deal with their inner desire to reject the hard life. Men were created to be builders, to take dominion, to bring order out of chaos; but to do these things takes hard work, and that hard work is what men naturally shy away from. We must teach our boys to embrace their positions, not abandon them.

If a boy looks inward to what is right and wrong, it won't take very long for that boy's life to spiral out of control. A young man's natural temptation will be to abandon biblical manhood in lieu of cultural manhood, which biblically speaking, is no manhood at all. There will times when our boys should enjoy some of the pleasures of this world, but to be ruled by them is never an option; to be consumed by them is not an option either. A fine dinner with good drink is a reward that I enjoy with my wife on occasion, and it's something our boys should look forward to as well!

Rising to the call of biblical manhood is hard work- if it wasn't, more men would achieve what so few have. It takes focus, it takes training, it takes dying to self, it takes vision, it takes courage. The path of least resistance takes none of the above. You eat, you drink, you play games, you get a girl, then repeat the cycle; that's about the sum total of cultural manhood. Completely antithetical to what scripture call men to.

The second area of life that boys need discipline in springboards off the first and is this- they need to be disciplined to reject what the culture is calling them to. They're biblical men, and as such, they should have neither the time nor the inclination to be involved in such a low vocation as that of a cultural man. What's laid out before them from the media; whether it be the music industry, movie industry, or youth industry, must be rejected if they are to rise to the call of a biblical man. Will they have dealings with all of these as they walk through this world? - Absolutely, but they must be disciplined enough to interact with them in a way that brings glory to God. 

The culture is always baiting the hook in hopes of bringing down our boys, therefore, it is imperative that we teach our sons to be discerning, to be wise, to be courageous, and to be disciplined. Our boys must know that they are enlisted in the army of the Lord, and as soldiers for Christ, they have a much higher code of conduct than those around them. Let us equip them for good service, and let us pray earnestly that their service is served honorably to the King.

May the LORD give us wisdom as we seek to do His will in the lives of our sons!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject...


I wrote an article called "Teach Them to Work," that may interest you as well. Click here to view!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are You a Mother of Sweet Little Blessings?

This is Mrs. June Fuentes popping in again to say hello to all the women who like to visit The Male Domain! I hope you are enjoying my husband's series on Raising Sons as much as I am--lots of food for thought.  I would also like to take a minute to share with you if you are a blessed mother to one or many small ones, a wonderful cloth diaper company called Sweet Little Blessings. If you are looking for an alternative to disposable diapers for your sweet bundle of joy be sure to visit them!