Friday, December 10, 2010

Invest In Your Family This Christmas

Every year when we buy gifts we try to make sure we include gifts that will sharpen the character of our children, teach them something new or grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord. We love Vision Forum because their products are family centered and help me to accomplish many of my goals in strengthening my marriage, family, and homeschool.

Dad's are always busy working hard for our families so we don't have much time to shop--so I thought I would make it easy for you this year and sharing some valuable resources and gifts that I think will bless you and your family:

These high-impact battle swords come in a set of two and are only 19% off and only $76!

With this one-of-a-kind product, and the boys in your family, having two swords for fun-loving combat, will most likely be much better than one. Let the games begin! These high-impact swords are made for full-contact practice or, with proper safety equipment, for sparring. Weighing in at just two pounds, these durable polyethelyne swords are the perfect answer for the risk faced with wooden swords which can splinter. These beginner weapons may leave a bruise, but they won’t cut — and they’re virtually unbreakable. The type of swords your boys dream about!

Click here to see the video of these swords in action!

Whether your All-American Boy “commando team” is pretending to protect the home from intrusive squirrel invaders or enjoying target practice to develop hand-eye coordination, the toy of choice is the crossbow. Our miniature crossbow is perfect for the fellow who is not quite ready for the genuine article, or for the Dad who still thinks he is a boy.(Blowdart gun not available at this time.)

This is an incredible set I put up here just for the dads--you just don't get teaching like this anymore!
  • Give Me Your Heart, My Son (8 CD's)
  • Building a Family that Can Stand & CD's)
God appears to be touching the hearts of a growing number of Christian fathers with a hunger to learn more about biblical manhood. This quiet revival is taking place in homes where teary-eyed fathers are standing before their wives and children, repenting for their lack of vision and leadership, and recommitting themselves to God’s priorities for men. With this revival comes the awareness that Christian men need to make dramatic changes in their lives; changes which reflect a biblical re-examination of the way our fallen culture approaches family, understanding the heart of their children, work, finances, education, citizenship, etc. The goal of these conference messages is to encourage men to see “the big picture” of biblical manhood.

Listen to a sample here.

Thoughts for Young Men is a great book, I even bought this for one of my nephews a few years back, and it is only $8!
There is great urgency for us to raise strong, courageous men of faith. The twenty-first century, with its terrorism, its changing cultural and social climate, and its technological and ethical challenges, demands a new type of Christian boy — a hearty, ferociously principled, chivalrous, Christ-loving boy who is willing to stand alone. Without such boys, our culture is doomed. It is these boys who will be the fathers of the next generation.

Now here is a very masculine product for men of The Male Domain, check this out:

Father and Son Collection of 8 CD's includes:

  • Manly Friendships (2 CD's)
  • The Role of Grandfathers In the Local Church
  • The Heroism of the Father's is the Legacy of the Sons (2CD's)
  • David and Bathsheba
  • George Washington-America's Joshua
Regularly priced at $72 it is now on sale for 40% off and now ONLY $43.20! 
The father and son relationship is one of the most defining relationships in existence, a picture of the eternal Father who loves the eternal Son. The relationship of fathers and sons is demonstrated for us through Jesus Christ completely fulfilling the will of his Heavenly Father. And so are we to walk by the power of God. In these messages, fathers learn about winning their sons’ hearts and pointing them to Jesus; sons learn about honoring their fathers and hear what true manly friendships look like.

For you wife:

Soak up the warmth, wit, and southern charm of the West ladies as you learn how to save money and make healthier food choices for your family using easy-to-grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs from your own backyard. You will also be instructed in baking bread, making soap, and creating beautiful homemade candles—each skill a practical way to save money while working together as a family. View a sample video here.
And for your little  daughters:
Dress-up is an important part of every little girl’s life. It is one of the special ways in which she identifies with Mommy and experiences how unique and wonderful it is to be a girl, to be a daughter of the Most High King — to be His little princess!

And your older daughters:

God’s Word speaks volumes to the relationship between fathers and daughters. One of his most sacred duties is her protection and preservation from childhood to virtuous womanhood. In these powerful messages given at the 2008 Father and Daughter Discipleship Retreat, speakers Doug Phillips, Scott Brown, Geoffrey Botkin and daughters Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin illustrate elements of this important priority as they explore such topics as how to build the father-daughter bond, true feminine beauty, the Proverbs 31 woman, how to transition from beautiful girlhood to noble womanhood, and how to prepare daughters for marriage. Other highlights include a look at examples of godly, dominion-oriented womanhood from the young pioneer girls of the nineteenth century, as well as the special importance of the thirteenth year in a girl’s life. Listen to a sample here.

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Put gifts under the tree that will help strengthen your family this year from the Christian company that has helped to change my life and will change yours--- Vision Forum!

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