Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Journey Ahead

Will the path you're on get you to the future you desire?

Will the path your family is on get them to the future you desire?

Will your ultimate destination be where God wants to you to end up at?

These are some questions that we, as Men, must ask ourselves on a routine basis. Every decision we make should be toward the end goal of fulfilling our destiny as Men in the Army of God.

The factory setting of the heart is "R&R," (Rest and Relaxation), but this setting won't get us where we need to go. It'll get us somewhere, to be sure, but not where God wants us going. Trust me, I know!

Make the changes that need to be made. Seek after wisdom and pursue Godly counsel. Determine a destiny that's based on Scripture, then forge ahead like the ice-breaker before the small vessels. It may hurt and you might not get as much rest as you'd like, but hey, we're Men, right? This is our calling in life....this is what God wants from us....this is what Jesus showed us how to do with His life.

Til death unites or separates us,