Saturday, April 19, 2008

The blessed burden that I bare...

Here I am with a Larikeet on my head. This was taken at the Cincinnati Zoo on a recent vacation we took. Just thought I'd share this photo.

Anyway, at a recent conference I attended, I sat in on a message from James McDonald, who pastors a church in Peoria, IL., and he said a very interesting comment.

He was sharing about his visit to Massachusetts some years back and his visit to the Plymouth Plantation where the Pilgrims set up shop after arriving in America. While talking to a gentlemen dressed up as William Brewster, James' two daughters with him began to cry. Not wanting to end his conversation, James reached down and picked up his daughters and held them in his arms. Without missing a beat, "William Brewster" replied "that is a blessed burden you bear Master McDonald."

James was very impressed by the comment and I have been since hearing it as well.

We men, who the Lord has blessed with children do bear a "blessed burden." Raising children isn't easy. If it were, more men would do it, and those that are doing it would have more. Though not easy, it is quite enjoyable. I wouldn't trade the experience of raising my eight children for anything anyone could offer.

I'm thankful that the Lord's grace has fallen upon me in the area of child raising and I pray that it has on you as well. Stay strong in the task men, and know that you serve a mighty God. Never tire in your calling, for it truly is a blessed burden that you bear!