Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Male Domain Welcomes Advertisers

The Male Domain is opening its doors to advertisers!

If you have a product, company, blog, service, ebook or Ebay store that you think would be of interest to my readers, I would be happy to consider you as an advertiser.

Why would you want to advertise here at The Male Domain?

This blogs reaches:
  • Christians/Pastors/Leaders
  • Husbands/Fathers/Sons/Wives/Daughters
  • Homeschoolers/Desiring to Homeschool
  • Married/Singles
  • We average approximately 4,500 pageviews per month, with over 500 unique visitors, and continue to grow.
Special introductory rates are as followed:

125x125 button for one month: $25

150x150 button for one month: $35

Bigger banners also accepted, please inquire at the email below if interested.

(All advertisers get a free post giveaway, read below to to learn more.)

Giveaways will include a description of your company/product, picture with your website, link to your blog, and link to your Facebook and Twitter pages, along with the giveaway.

These low introductory rates are hard to beat, so advertise with them while you can!

We are selective about the advertisements placed on The Male Domain and reserve the right to choose who advertises with us.

Please email me at:

**All proposals will be considered, such as product exchange for post review/ and or embedded links.**

May the LORD bless, and may His grace be upon your business!