Sunday, February 28, 2010

Row Your Own Boat

A while back, I was sitting in a men's gathering with my five boys listening to a message on leadership from my friend, Chris Miller, when he used the term, "row your own boat." He went on to talk briefly about how the Vikings were strong, buff dudes, who would whip those who opposed them because of the fact that they "rowed their own boat."

They didn't hire someone to row for them, they didn't take government subsidies, to hire government rowers; no, they rowed their own boat. Rowing their own boat prepared the Vikings for what they needed to do. It kept them in top physical shape, and helped them stay focused on their mission, and it can do the same for us today.

Accepting responsibility in the areas that the LORD has called us to do so in, helps to keep men focused, it helps to keep men busy, and it helps to keep men in spiritual shape. Leading our homes spiritually is one area where men need to row their own boat. Providing for our homes is another, along with protecting. Educating our children is yet another, and sadly, this area is one where too many men have dropped the ball, and have seen devastating consequences as a result.

As men, we need to carry the blessed burden of leading, providing, protecting and educating with a joyous demeanor and uplifted countenance; for it is from the LORD of Heaven where we draw our strength to accomplish our given tasks. So go ahead, men, grab those ores, look to the LORD and row. Row like the faithfulness of your posterity depended upon it, because in many ways, it does...