Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy With My Wife...

If it seems like I haven't been posting much lately, it's been because my wife, June, who runs "A Wise Woman Builds Her Home," has been ill since the beginning of the year.

She's been in and out of doctor's visits, ER visits, etc., and I've been a lot busier than normal, picking up the slack of caring for the children more, buying groceries, and all the other things I take for granted when my wife is feeling good.

She's on the road to recovery, and I believe the LORD will give her good health in near future and beyond!

So, if things pick up for her health wise, I might be able to post more often than I have. If not, reruns will have to do!

(PS - I added "word verification" for commenting because I'd been getting a large amount of spam comments. I hated to do so, but hated deleting all the spam more!)