Saturday, June 27, 2009

Protecting Daughters

Let's face it, Men, there are a lot of ways our daughters can be hurt in today's society. We need to be diligent in our protection of them and not shy away from those we believe may be a predator in the lurking.

Our culture comes at our daughters fast and furious, and in ways that on the surface may seem "harmless" or even "good." One of these ways is through the attempted hijacking of our daughters hearts through "boy bands." In my era it was "New Kids on the Block." Today, it's groups like the Jonas Brothers, who, if ever wanted to come near my girls would end up on the back of a milk carton as missing. These boys aren't anything I would ever hope my girls would marry and find it appalling that many Christian's actually push these dweebs on their girls and even hint at them being "good catches." PLEASE!

Don't forget it was a Jonas boy who dated Miley Cyrus and received photos of her in her under-garments via their cell phones. Godly standard? Not even close!

Another area our daughters need protection in is from those who may find them attractive. As your daughters grow older and enter into those years when they begin changing and go from being your "little" girl to being your "young" lady, you're not the only one who will notice the changes! Men are men, and men (Christian and especially Non) are looking for easy targets. They may be especially attracted to your girls if you're raising them to be feminine and are cultivating Godly character in them. Femininity and a quiet spirit are two Male magnets, so be on the look out.

For those guys who may think I'm going too far, or doubt what I'm saying, just think back to your BC days (before Christ). You know how you were, at least I do, and it wasn't a pretty thing. So be on your guard against guys who remind you of......well..... YOU! Your daughters will be very thankful that you stood up for them in the face of adversity and protected their heart from those who had wrong motives, and just for clarity, anything other than a lifetime commitment in the covenant of marriage, is a wrong motive!

You have one shot at raising your daughters, so don't blow it. If defending your girls means losing some relationships, lose them. If defending them means looking foolish, look foolish. If defending them means you get talked about, get talked about. I think there may be another group talking about you not from the the Trinity, and the Angels!

The word of God says in the Song of Songs not to "awaken love before it's time," and how I see it, it isn't time until she's ready for marriage. So I leave you with this verse, and hope to God you have no regrets on your daughter's wedding day, which is possible with the grace and power of God:

"Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong."
-1 Corinthians 16:13