Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Faithful Generation...

This Friday night, June 5th, I have the honor of speaking to the 2009 Homeschool Graduates of Northwest Indiana, in Schererville, IN..

The Lord has put on my heart to speak to them about remaining faithful as His children, even when their leaders aren't around. My text is Exodus 32, the story of the Golden Calf.

Even after all that God did in the midst of Egypt for the nation of Israel, they still worshiped false idols when they perceived their leader, Moses, to be taking too long to return from Mount Sinai.

Might we do the same to the Lord? How quickly we demand something tangible to fulfill us. We are idolaters at heart, and it needs to be addressed, both in my heart and yours. Thank God for the gospel!

So if you remember, keep me in your prayers. Pray that the Lord would speak to me and through me this Friday night. May God be glorified!