Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sons of Thunder!

Here they are, my baby twins who will be turning 1 on June 6th. Christian Elijah is on the left, and Josiah Lucas is on the right.

They are, as one friend said, "a blessed handful."

These guys are full of energy and life, and really keep Mom and siblings busy caring for them at home.

They're not identical twins, but some things about them are similar. For instance, they both cost $ to raise!

June and I love having them and consider ourselves truly blessed to have been given them by the Lord. We hope to raise them in a manner worthy of the King who chose to bestow them upon us. Lord give us wisdom....and energy!

Raising twins has proven to be quite enjoyable, especially from the provider stand-point who isn't home with them all day. Seriously,I know my wife enjoys every bit of having them and wouldn't trade them for the world. Having them should keep everyone in my home from getting chubby since there's never an inactive moment.

Thank you Lord Jesus for Christian and Josiah, and help us to raise them in a way that pleases you. May they grow to know and love you and serve you all the days of their lives!