Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our 1st Gift from theLord!

This is Janai Marie, our 14 year old, and oldest child in our family.

Janai is quite a young lady. She's friendly, intelligent, and very beautiful. (See what happens when you marry well!)

The Lord knew exactly what our family would become when He decided on giving us Janai first. She helps Mom in so many different ways, I can hardly begin to share them in one post.

She rises early to do school, and makes sure her little sister Naomi gets up with her during the week. She gently cares for her baby twin brothers, Christian and Josiah. She allows Mom time to go food shopping and to run household errands without having to take everyone with. She can pull together whatever food Mom has on the menu, and see to it that it's ready on time. Janai's skills in the kitchen already put her at the top of the list for future brides-to-be!

Janai is also very talented musically. She plays piano, violin, and recorder. When Janai plays her music, it brings a soothing effect on the whole house. Thank you Lord for Janai and her musical talents!

Another terrific attribute about Janai is her great sense of humor. She laughs at all of my jokes and always likes to join in on some good clean fun. She enjoys music, is an avid reader, and likes to spend time outside in the yard. Janai also greatly enjoys blogging on her and Naomi's blog site "Daughters of the King." Check it out, you'll enjoy it!

One other thing to mention about Janai is that she truly loves the Lord. She has read through the Bible cover-to-cover, I believe 3 times, and she's only 14. Wow!

Every family should have a Janai because she's a tremendous blessing to our home. I couldn't have picked a better first child to have than Janai. Thank you Lord!

And Lord, may you continue to mold Janai into the kind of Woman you desire her to be. Give me wisdom as her Dad to see the future as you see it, and to help Janai make good choices in this world. Amen!