Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Helpful Ravi Zachariah

This is my second oldest son, Ravi Zachariah. That name may ring a bell for some of you who enjoy listening to Christian Apologetics. My son bears almost the exact name of the world renowned Apologist, Ravi Zacharias!

Ravi is 6, and is extremely helpful around the house. He especially enjoys doing jobs where he can use his God-given strength. Few jobs are too heavy for Ravi. From carrying groceries for Mom, to hauling drywall for Dad, Ravi likes it all.

He also enjoys the fact that he's a boy. He loves to flip over stones in hopes of finding bugs for his bug house. I told him with Cicada season upon us he would need to eat one to maintain his manhood. And knowing Ravi, he'll probably do it.

I look forward to seeing Ravi become the Man-of-God that I know the Lord created him to be. He can use his strong work ethic to build the Kingdom of God. Ravi also has a very big heart and enjoys making others comfortable. This too will be invaluable in building the kingdom for his King!

Lord, may you always keep Ravi's heart close to yours and use him for your glory!