Monday, March 15, 2010

Father and Daughter Dinner...

Tonight, I will be taking three of the most beautiful girls to a father/daughter dinner in Orland Park, IL.. The night promises to be memorable for me and my daughters, as we will enjoy time with friends, eat a great dinner, play games, and listen to Norm Wakefield share a message on the beauty of the father/daughter relationship from scripture.

We've been looking forward to this evening for quite some time. My girls all got new dresses, shoes, and one even got a new dress for her doll. She seems just as happy about that as her getting one!

As a Dad, I know daughters need nights like these as they grow into young womanhood and beyond. It's a Dad's responsibility to set the standard for how men should treat them throughout their lives. I won't always be there, and won't always have them in my home, so while I do, my goal is to treat them like Christ does!

The LORD saw fit to bless me with three beautiful daughters, let me try my best to bless Him with three Jesus loving women, who will impact the kingdom with their lives!