Monday, April 12, 2010

You Only Get One Shot

Pictured here is my little, Joy Noelle. She's 6, and it seems like just yesterday we welcomed her into our home after her arrival in the world.

The same is true with all my children. When each of our eight children have been born it seemed as though June and I had our entire lives to raise them. We felt like we had time to squander, time to make mistakes, time to pursue our desires, and then, eventually get around to raising our kids.

Sadly, this isn't how life goes. Time waits for no one, and like it or not, our kids grow older whether we invest time in them or not. They will eventually become adults, move on with their lives, start families of their own, start businesses, become parents, and do all the things that God created them to do--question is-- will I feel content with how I raised them when that time comes?

I only get one shot at raising them, so I need to be sure I'm aiming my arrows at the right target. What will it matter if I play in sports leagues as an adult, if my kids wished I was with them? What will it matter if I pursue my desires, if my kids wished I pursued them? What will it matter if I advanced my career, if my kids wished I had advanced my relationship with them? What will it matter if gain the whole world, but forfeit the souls of my little ones to the god of personal pleasure?

We only get one shot men, are you aiming at the correct target? Will you be one of those Dads who grows old with a heart of regret because you pursued the meaningless, at the expense of the meaningful? Will you wish you had invested in them as much as you invested in those who in the end, are no where to be found?

Don't be that Man!
Invest in your kids while you still have time. Devote your life to ensuring that your kids walk faithfully with the LORD, cause truth be told, that's all that really matters!

"If I teach my son to keep his eye on the ball, but don't teach him to keep his eye on Jesus Christ, I have failed as a Father." -Voddie Baucham, Family Driven Faith

Strong words from a strong Man of God. Hope they help you gain perspective!

Til Death Unites or Separates Us,