Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rebelution Tour 2009

This Saturday, July 11th, 2009, my 16 yr old daughter, Janai, and I will be attending The Rebelution's "Do Hard Things" Tour at Moody Church in my hometown of Chicago, IL. Both of us are very excited and are looking forward to spending the day hearing from the Godly young men who God has raised up to spearhead this movement.

My daughter has been greatly challenged by the book that Alex and Brett Harris, the brains behind the movement, have written entitled "Do Hard Things." I've seen her walk with the Lord really grow since she read the book that me and her mom gave her for Christmas.

I encourage anyone in the region to attend with their children. Ages targeted are primarily preteen to early twenties. I have a friend even driving in from St. Louis with his 12 yr old child. Visit their website to learn more about them and to see what the "Do Hard Things" tour is all about.

Also, if you're on Facebook, I created an 'Event' page that you can join to learn more about this Saturday. Click here to go there. Below is a promo video for the confernce. Hope to see you there!