Friday, April 15, 2011

A Masculine Trajectory

Jenna Lyons with son, Beckett.

A recent story about a mom (pictured above) who enjoys time with her son by painting his toe nails neon pink caught my attention--not because of what she does to him so much, because after all, we live in a fallen and depraved world--but because I read comments and opinions from "Christians" defending this mom. The story appeared on the Fox News website, and you can read it by clicking here.
It seems as though many in the church have no vision of what Biblical manhood or womanhood looks like, and therefore, have no good reason to oppose painting a boys toes pink. Well why stop there? Why not let the boys wear tiaras, or high heels? We need to recover a Biblical vision for our boys and girls, and we must do it without fear of what the culture at large--which embraces androgyny and gender neutrality--thinks of us. I'm thankful to ministries like 'The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood,' and to Preachers in the church not afraid to oppose gender neutrality with guts and encourage. We need them, and we must pray for their continuing steadfastness!
The goal of raising sons is to prepare them to be leaders in church, home, and society. We must instill in them a masculine identity that prepares them to be what GOD has called ALL men to be in scripture; namely-Priests, Prophets, Providers, and Protectors-and as I see it, having pink toenails doesn't help with any of those. The trajectory we set for our children, which are gifts from the LORD, given to glorify Him and His purposes, should be one that brings Him glory and praise, not one that brings us controversy and shame. Children aren't billboards to display are ignorance of all things sacred, they are gifts given to perpetuate the faithful worship of Almighty God for generations to come!