Thursday, November 16, 2006

Are you masculine?

This being my first post of my new blog...I thought I'd ask you men a question, so here it is.

Are you masculine?

Before you jump the gun and answer yes, let me tell you that just having the necessary plumbing down below doesn't make you masculine, it simply means your male, you know, like Little Richard or Richard Simmons, or Prince for that matter.

Being masculine doesn't mean that your just tough either. Mike Tyson was tough, but not masculine. In a worldly way, yes, in a biblical way, no.

Being masculine is different than just being male, or just being tough. It's being like Jesus. Not the Blue eyed, long blond haired, European Jesus that so many of us think of when we hear the name Jesus either. That Jesus was sort of on the weak side if you ask me. Kind of soft, tender, and feminine, incapable of defending himself against those who sought to kill him. Nope, not the Jesus of the bible.

The Jesus of the bible who I worship every day with my life was the ultimate definition of masculine. He willingly laid down his life for his bride because she needed a savior. His life wasn't taken from him, he gave it up at the Fathers request.

Douglas Wilson defines masculinity as, 'authority, which takes responsibility, sacrificially.'

When you take responsibility for those your responsible for, your being like Jesus. He was responsible for His bride, and did what had to be done. He committed no sins...yet died for the sins of his bride. None were his fault, but he took full responsibility for them. If he hadn't, none of us could be saved. Since he did, all who call upon his name will be saved.

In Ephesians 5, Husbands are told to "love their wives as Christ loved the church". So Husbands, do you do that? No sissy stuff either. Her sin, my sin doesn't cut it with the Lord. Her sin is your sin you see. You are the covenant head of your home. Therefore, as the head of your home, like Jesus to the church, your responsible for the condition of it. You are not your wife's savior, but you are her head (1 Corinthians 11:3). As the head of the home, are you taking responsibility for it? Doing so doesn't make you weak, it makes you strong.

So I'll ask you again...are you masculine?

Before you answer look at the cross. Look at the Lords blood pour down his face. Look at the nails piercing his hands and feet. Look at the love in his eyes as he sees you in the crowd, knowing that unless he did that for you, you could never do that for her.

Men, love your wives and carry your cross for her, because Jesus carried his for you!

For a good sermon on biblical masculinity, visit:, and download a sermon entitled "Men and Masculinity" in the media files under 'practical topics' 'men'.