Thursday, March 15, 2007

Steve Meets the President!

And not just any president mind you, like of the most powerful nation in the world. No, this President happens to be a modern day prophet who declares the word of God with courage and vigor like few have in modern times. His name...Doug Phillips...founder and president of Vision Forum Ministries located in San Antonio, TX, and in the hearts and minds of God's people throughout the great nation of America and around the world.

On Saturday, February 24th, 2007, June and I loaded up the kids and headed down to Arlington Heights, IL., for a celebration known as Liberty Day. This was the 9th Anniversary for Liberty Day which begun as a family celebration by the Roger Erber Family. We had a great time learning about American History through music, theatre, keynote addresses, and dancing, like the Virginia Reel, which my daughter Janai thoroughly enjoyed. It was also quite enjoyable seeing my friend Herb Devine dance with his little daughter Sara as well!

As much as I enjoyed the hours spent hearing and seeing what I mentioned above, I must admit that the most memorable 10 minutes were the 10 I spent conversing with Mr. Phillips. We chatted about our families and Doug even took time from his busy schedule to pray for me and my family as we seek the Lord's direction for our family. What an honor it was!

For those who know Doug, or at least about Vision Forum, understand that at the heart of Doug Phillips is a desire to see Christian families return once again to the blueprint of family life that God has so clearly laid out for His people in Scripture. He tirelessly proclaims the way of the Lord for Christian homes today and has impacted thousands of homes for the Lord throughout the world. If I can't speak for all of them, I can surely speak for one, my own!

Many years ago when I first became acquainted with Vision Forum via cassettes, yes cassettes, lent to me by a good friend, I heard a message entitled "The Blessed Marriage" by Doug Phillips, and must say it challenged just about everything I thought a good marriage looked like. When you listen to Doug's messages you usually go through about three different stages. After the first listening, you normally feel convicted. After the second, you repent. And after the third, you apply! This happened to me with this message!

By the grace of God ministered to me through men like Doug Phillips, June and I today are who we are. We love one another dearly, love our 8 children, and most importantly, we love the Lord more. Doug's ministry helps us stay focused on the vision and mission that the Lord has put on our hearts to accomplish. Namely, for June to be a full-time keeper of the home, for us to homeschool our little blessings, and for me to lead my family spiritually. We don't do all these things perfectly, but by God's grace, we're making progress.

So thank you Lord Jesus for your gospel,... for the cross,... and for life everlasting!

And thank you Doug Phillips for your prophetic voice that cries in the wilderness to the elect of God challenging them to choose this day whom they will follow! May you stay strong as you stand on God's grace!