Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Irony of Christmas in America

Most Americans would say that Christmas really cant' be enjoyed without money. After all, don't we feel obligated to buy things for people with money we don't have? Truth be told, 90% of the gifts you give this year won't be used by the people you give them to, because you're not giving them what they want, you're giving them what you think they want.

What really gets me though, is the fact that the people we think really can't enjoy Christmas because they don't have money, the poor and down-trodden, are the exact people Jesus said He came for. He said He didn't come for those were well, and rich, but rather, He came for those who had nothing. He came for those who are sick and need a Physician.

He even said it's so much easier for the poor to make it into Heaven than it is for the wealthy. In fact, He said it's impossible, for those unwilling to admit to their spiritual destitution, to make it into Heaven at all. Isn't it ironic that the have nots according this world have a greater chance of having it all in the next life, and those who "have it all" in this life will probably have nothing in the next!

I'm not against the giving of gifts, but if our giving isn't based upon the fact of what God has given us, then who's receiving the glory? If our giving isn't a response to what God has given us, then what are seeking from others? Because God has given so much to us, let us then, give to others for the purpose of reflecting the image and glory of Almighty God!

So this Christmas, remember that it isn't about what you give your children or neighbors, your co-workers or spouse, but it's ONLY about what the LORD has given us, a Savior who is Christ the LORD, and a chance to believe in His life, death and resurrection, which will allow us to spend eternity with Him!

Merry Christmas to all from the Fuentes family, and may the LORD shine brightly in your hearts and homes this wonderful Christmas season!