Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2008 CTA Bus Rodeo Competition

I know it's a bit late, but just thought I'd post it anyway.

Last year I was fortunate to make it to the "Winning Circle" portion of the CTA's Bus Rodeo. The Winning Circle are the top 40 operators in the system, 5 from each of our 8 garages, who made the cut from round 1 competition. It was fun, and I hope to return again this year.

The CTA gave us all some very nice prizes, and fed us well too. I seen old friends there, and made some new ones, like Jairo Naranjo. He has won it all four years in a row.

The competition consisted of driving an obstacle course in a set time. The course tested your abilities in a number of manouvers, such as: Y backs, driving through diminishing barrels at 40mph, going through tennis balls that weren't visible, making perfect L/R turns, and much more!

Below are some pics I snapped on my cell phone...

Above: Me in front my bus before driving the course!
Below: The Champ, Jairo Naranjo! (Bald one)

Above: Jairo and Joe walking through the diminsighing barrels!
Below: New Flyer bus used in competition!

This year's competition will begin this spring...we'll see how it goes!