Friday, February 6, 2009

One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven

I had the privilege last Sunday of hearing Mark Cahill speak live at Bethel Church in Crown Point, IN., and Man let me tell you, he shook me to the core.

His passion for evangelism is unparalleled and his call to the church in America is a much needed wake-up call.

Mark is a former basketball player who played his college ball at Auburn and was teammates with Charles Barkley. After getting his degree in Business and working in the field for a while the Lord called him out and he began his journey of sharing his faith and summoning the people of God to do the same.

He's written a couple of books, "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven," and "One Heartbeat Away," which you find on Amazon. I would encourage you to visit his website and order his books, listen to his messages, get to know him, and let him challenge you. I don't think I'll ever be the same after hearing him speak. Just last night at work I was able to share my faith with an unbeliever and present the gospel message to him. To God be the Glory!