Wednesday, October 10, 2007

When the Enemy Attacks...

This week hasn't been easy. As I've set out to study for my keynote address that I'll be delivering at a Christian Home Educators Conference this Saturday, October 13th, I've found it difficult to concentrate. Everything seems a distraction. Things that don't normally occupy my mind have found a way to build a nest there this week.

So what does one do when these sort of things occur? Well, in reality, there's only one true way to take the hits of the enemy, (and yes, we all get hit at some point), and still serve Christ. The only thing I know to do when I feel mentally distracted with all sorts of cultural activities and find myself wandering off into unsafe waters, is to PREACH THE GOSPEL TO MYSELF. Yes, I preach to myself. I need the gospel today as much as I needed it years ago when I first believed.

The gospel of Jesus Christ shines light on darkness and has this overwhelming ability to loosen the chains that Satan likes to rattle and place on God's children. The power of the gospel is an amazing force. Rely on it. Trust in it. Believe in it.

So next time you feel like your mind is drifting off into the deep where the sharks await. STOP, and preach Christ to yourself. I know that I am powerless in my flesh to deny myself of it's sinful cravings. But Christ in me truly is the hope of glory! Amen.